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How to use Stripe from Latin America


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How to use Stripe from Latin America

We all agree that setting up a digital business involves significant challenges. From choosing the best niche, designing the website, to establishing the financial infrastructure, these are reasons for great concern.

However, one of the main headaches is choosing a payment gateway that fits our business properly, especially if we offer digital services or products. This is due to the countless features and functionalities that only benefit certain owners. Therefore, the service of the company Stripe allows us to incorporate a reliable, automated payment system that instills confidence in our customers. This article aims to help you better understand how to legally obtain Stripe from anywhere in Latin America.

What is Stripe?

Stripe is a global payment gateway that allows accepting credit or debit card payments internationally through a website. It supports over 135 currencies, making it easy for your customers to pay regardless of where they are located.

Is it safe to use Stripe?

Stripe, Inc. is a multinational financial services and software-as-a-service company that complies with PCI regulations and holds a level 1 certification. This regulation establishes standards and best practices in payment security. All transactions with Stripe are handled via HTTPS and HSTS connections. Additionally, the company uses AES-256 encryption to secure payment data involved in transactions.

What requirements do I need to open an account on Stripe?

  • Provide company information.
  • Supply personal data of the owner or legal representative.
  • Detail business banking information.
  • Submit additional documentation as needed.
  • Verify the identity and legitimacy of the business.

However, if you are from Latin America, you will notice that on the Stripe website, account creation access for the Latin American continent is only available for Brazil and Mexico. Nevertheless, with Wayfrontier, you can open a Stripe account from anywhere in Latin America, as we provide you with legal presence in the United States through an LLC.

How to open a Stripe with Wayfrontier?

Having a legal structure in the United States is the key to using Stripe from Latin America. Having an LLC allows you to operate legally in the country and access services like Stripe. Additionally, by opening a business bank account in a US bank, you can link it to Stripe to receive generated income. Wayfrontier is a reliable and efficient solution for entrepreneurs and businesses looking to establish themselves in the United States. In other words, if you already have an LLC opened with Wayfrontier and also your business bank account, you can link it to your Stripe account and enjoy all the benefits.

What advantages does an LLC give me?

You will have a variety of options in financial and banking platforms for non-residents. Additionally, an LLC provides personal protection and limits your liability while increasing credibility with your customers by having an established company in the United States.

Why use Stripe over other payment gateways?

Unlike other payment methods like PayPal, Stripe has lower fees without restrictions like those of PayPal. Additionally, it is easy to register, as to use Stripe, you only need an account on the platform (which you can create for free) and link a bank account. Also, integrating Stripe into your online store is relatively easy, and from its dashboard, you can manage all the movements that happen with your company. In summary, Stripe offers a smoother and more versatile payment experience for e-commerce.

Choosing Stripe for your online business not only facilitates transactions but also helps you build a reliable platform for your customers, as with all its benefits, in addition to benefiting your customers, it allows you to turn your e-commerce into a solid and reliable platform.